Emily R.

This insurance agency is the best I’ve ever worked with. I’ve been very impressed with their customer service.

Brian M.

As the price of everything seems to be creeping up, including insurance, Crusberg-Decker worked out policies for my home and auto needs and in the process actually saved me a few dollars as well. The office staff and my agents are the best, eager to assist when I have questions about insuring possible new cars and just about any kind of question regarding my policy and the way I may present them. Kudos to you Crusberg-Decker! Satisfied customer since 2007.

Aviva B.

I have been working with Crusberg-Decker for a decade as of this month. As soon as I moved to California you helped me settle into the car culture with car insurance and since then have been there to help me each step along the way with my home and office insurance needs. When I hit a bump in the road, the fast and personal attention you offered really gave me piece of mind. Thank you!

Steve M.

Our friends at Crusberg over the years have been a real help to my wife and I. When ever we had concerns about our auto insurance they responded promptly. There staff is very courteous and professional. We are very pleased with their service and recommend them highly.

Mark J.

Crusberg-Decker Insurance has been meeting my auto and home insurance needs for the past 8 years. Many other insurance companies challenged me to compare their rates and coverage with Crusberg-Decker, but all have fallen short. I highly recommend Crusberg-Decker Insurance Services!

Don W.

Crusberg-Decker has been our family agent for all our insurance since the 1970’s, which should tell you just how much we respect and appreciate their personalized, professional and always knowledgeable approach to being there for us…. for the mundane as well as the emergencies. All we can say is thank you, friends.

Tracee B.

Great friends for 35 years, Agents for over 15 years! Love their whole team, as proven on every OOPs! Trust, honesty, integrity, humor…But, call Christine for the best, owner-driven service!

John N.

I have been doing business with Crusberg–Decker Insurance since 1980 or before and during this time, have had no regrets. Scott, like his father before him, keeps me under his wing and makes sure I am totally covered and goes to bat for me whenever there is an insurance problem or claim. The best part of Crusberg-Decker is the family feeling and the guidance they give you as part of their family. I’ve always felt comfortable that Scott is watching by back and my pocketbook, but not skimping on the coverage needed to keep me safe. If you want coverage and feeling of family being there for you when you need them, then Crusberg-Decker Insurance is where you want to be for your Insurance needs.

Annie A.

We LOVE Crusberg-Decker. We’ve been using them for ALL of our insurance needs since 1980. The brilliance of an Agent is they shop around all the insurance underwriters for the best policy at the best price for YOU. We trust Scott and the team for their dedication to their customers, honesty, and integrity. They take care of my entire family, siblings, parents, etc. They are the BEST without a doubt.

Carol O.

The agents at Crusberg-Decker have always been professional and friendly and I highly recommend them.
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